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        1. เดิมพันฟรี เว็บ บอร์ด พนัน

          Salvaging whats left after the masses have had their feed

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          Farmers aren’t the only ones suffering through the drought: Animal sanctuaries are also doing it tough

          Parts of Australia are experiencing the worst drought in 50 years. With no government funding or cash injections, sanctuaries for animal rescue and re...

          Don’t despair, animal activists: your vegan advocacy is never in vain

          Are you an animal advocate or vegan who wonders if the world will ever change? Every day, do you feel you’re taking one step forward and two steps bac...

          What do I do when my family hates me being vegan?

          When people become vegan they are often bewildered at the strength of the resistance or criticism they receive from others, particularly their family....

          The Last Pig: farmer calls it quits, exposes betrayal involved in ‘humane’ meat

          The Last Pig is a new feature-length documentary that follows small-scale pig farmer Bob Comis’ last year of pig farming. The film captures his deligh...

          Are duck hunting seasons set to resume in New South Wales?

          Although duck hunting seasons have been banned in NSW for over two decades, hard won protections of waterbirds in the state are being eroded via dereg...

          Hey Ellen, A ‘little bit of leather’ is no better than a ‘little bit of homophobia’

          Vegan brands show Ellen Degeneres how it’s done in wake of backlash against the TV host’s new shoe line, says lesbian author of new book on vegan busine...


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          The new taste in soy burgers (Australia).
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          Activist artist: Rio Rossellini

          British artist Rio Rossellini has a passion for dolphins and cetaceans. This has i...

          The Truth About Alice Walker

          Film-maker Pratibha Parmar has created a visually stunning and powerful documentar...

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          Health & Personal Development


          When grieving a celebrity goes too far

          While grief is a natural part of life, Celebrity Worship Syndrome can cause some...

          Raising children as vegan: a healthy alternative

          Children consuming a healthy vegan diet experience vibrant health and do not suf...

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          Media & Technology


          Why you should use social media to support your cause

          Whether you’re involved in social, political, economic or environmental activism...

          Featured Interview

          Evolutionary biologist and ecologist Professor Marc Bekoff is the author of 29 books on animal emotions and behaviour. He discusses why we need to be compassionate to all.

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          In his latest book The Values Factor, self-help guru Dr John Demartini provides a deep dive into how our values shape every aspect of our lives.